New Report Illustrates Obstacles for Transgender Immigrants

Being undocumented and transgender poses unique and difficult circumstances for immigrants in the U.S.

By Aura Bogado Oct 07, 2013

The National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) is making it clear how important comprehensive immigration reform is for undocumented transgender people in particular. Although the government shutdown continues, House Democrats revealed a bill last week that they hope to get through a vote this legislative term–and NCTE is now backing it. 

A new NCTE report, meanwhile, highlights four particular challenges that face transgender immigrants:

Employment insecurity: A survey found nearly 40 percent of undocumented transgender people lost jobs because of bias–compared to just 36 percent of U.S. citizens.

Income and housing insecurity: Employment obstacles already make it harder for undocumented transgender folks to establish economic security. But did you know that undocumented transgender people are way more likely to live on less than $10,000 when compared to other populations, including transgender U.S. citizens?

Healthcare challenges: Undocumented transgender people are twice as likely to be physically assaulted in a medical setting, NTCE found.

Creating a pathway to citizenship: There are an estimated 20,000 to 50,000 undocumented transgender people in the U.S. A pathway to citizenship would mean shedding the fear of being separated from loved ones by detention and deportation.

The report, which you can read in its entirety, concludes with a call to Congress to enact a comprehensive immigration reform bill.