New racist attacks on Obama as election nears; Micro-loans for Katrina-hurt businesses

By The News Oct 09, 2008

New Racist Attacks on Obama as Election Nears "While Obama’s campaign has fended off racially rooted attacks since its inception, analysts say the ones surfacing in the past few days have been more overt, arriving as many undecided voters are making their final decision." San Francisco Chronicle. Foundation Offers Micro-Loans to Katrina-Ravaged Businesses The Jewish Funds for Justice wants to duplicate the micro-loan success seen in the Third World in the United States, and will begin to offer three- to seven-year loans to businesses destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. UPI. Polling Stations Not Ready for Election Day Using data from 28 local election offices, the Advancement Project says precincts with populations of color in battleground states could have long lines Nov. 4 unless they provide more machines, stations and staff. USA Today. ICE Raid Destroys South Carolina Community "A day after the raid, families waited to hear from loved ones at detention centers. Meanwhile, businesses and streets were vacant because those not rounded up stayed home, afraid agents would return." Associated Press.