Is New Orleans Ready for Another Storm?

By Tracy Kronzak Aug 29, 2008

Now that the Democrats have ended their convention and the Republicans are on the cusp of their own, something else entirely is on my mind. Take a gander at the projected path and strength of Hurricane Gustav, and remember that at landfall near New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina was also a Category 3 storm. It is my fervent hope that we will not see history repeat itself in the next week. Of course, this convention season neither the Democratic nor Republican parties are talking about the thousands of people who remain displaced from their homes more than three years after Hurricane Katrina. The press has all but forgotten the horrifying images of destroyed buildings, flooded neighborhoods, and desperate survivors marooned on highways and rooftops. No one is covering the fact that parts of New Orleans still look like Katrina blew through three months and not three years ago. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, the rising star of the Republican Party, is likely staying home from the RNC this week should Hurricane Gustav make landfall in Louisiana. But no-one is asking him the one literal and metaphorical question that haunts me: Are the levees really rebuilt?