New Obamacare Enrollee Gender and Age Numbers Released

We now have the age and gender demographics on Obamacare. Still, nothing on race.

By Brentin Mock Jan 13, 2014

While the federal government won’t can’t yet release the numbers of Affordable Care Act enrollees broken down by race, this afternoon they provided the gender and age demographics of those who’ve signed up. Highlights from the new report:

  • Nearly 2.2 million (2,153,421) people selected Marketplace plans from Oct. 1 through Dec. 28, 2013
    • These signups in the state and federal marketplaces represent a nearly five-fold increase from October-November, including nearly 1.8 million (1,788,739) people who selected a plan in December (compared with the previous two-month cumulative total of 364,682 through Nov. 30, 2013).
  • Of the almost 2.2. million:
  • 54 percent are female and 46 percent are male;
  • 30 percent are age 34 and under;
  • 24 percent are between the ages of 18 and 34;
  • 79 percent selected a plan with Financial Assistance.

The report also shows that 60 percent of those who’ve grabbed insurance under Obamacare selected the "Silver" plans, as opposed to "Bronze," "Gold" or "Platinum" plans, all of which correspond to the quality of the care and the out-of-pocket costs one will incur. The "Silver" plans are basically the iPhone 4 of insurance, compared to the iPhone 3 (Bronze), iPhone 5 (Gold) or that iPhone 5s that literally comes in a platinum case signed by Diddy.

As for the youth numbers, they are well below the 40 percent target that the White House set, as explained by Sarah Kliff over at Wonkblog. We still need that racial data on Obamacare insurance, though, and hopefully when it comes out, we won’t find that African-Americans are least likely to have it … like with the iPhone.