New Mexico Police Shoot at Minivan Full of Kids

Officers busted the back window and fired three shots at a minivan containing a black mother and her five children.

By Von Diaz Nov 18, 2013

In a dramatic show of force, three police officers were video recorded violently responding to a woman driver who had been pulled over for speeding on October 28. Oriana Ferrell, 39, was driving a minivan that contained her five children, and attempted to evade police after being initially stopped for speeding. The second time she is pulled over the police officer opened the driver-side door and pulled her out, at which point her 14-year-old son got out and tried to defend her. After a scuffle between the first police officer on the scene, Ferrell, and her son, the officer then busted open a back window with his baton. When Ferrell sped off another officer fired three shots at the back of the van.

The mother was indicted on November 12 and faces charges of intentional abuse of a child, aggravated fleeing of a law enforcement officer and possession of drug paraphernalia, and her son was arrested for battery. Her counsel says she sped off because she was terrified for her children. The state police chief released a statement saying they are investigating the case.