New Magazine Aims to Illuminate Asian Americans in All Their Complexity

By Sameer Rao Jun 15, 2017

A group of young Asian-American media professionals seek crowdfunding to support Slant’d, a new multimedia print magazine looking to shatter the stereotypes confining them.

"Asian Americans are often stereotyped as being passive, obedient and silent," co-founder Katerina Jeng said in an emailed statement. "By sharing real stories from real people, we are empowering Asian Americans to rewrite the narrative that has been historically written by non-Asians for far too long."

"We started this so Asian Americans could feel proud of their identities and celebrate what it means to be an Asian American on their own terms," added Jeng’s fellow co-founder Krystie Mak in the same statement.

The creators and their all-volunteer editorial staff launched a Kickstarter campaign today (June 15) and have already raised more half of the $10,000 goal. The first issue will address topics ranging from Q-Wave, an advocacy group empowering LGBTQ Asian diaspora members, to one contributor’s exploration of fried chicken dishes in the southern U.S. and Taiwan.

Funds raised between now and July 1 will go towards the production costs of assembling and printing an 80- to 100-page print magazine. Visit to learn more.