New Doc Series, ‘Other Boys NYC,’ Shines a Light on Queer Men of Color

By Sameer Rao Feb 20, 2017

A new documentary series, "Other Boys NYC," highlights the lives and identities of 50 gay and trans men of color living in New York City. The first 26 episodes were released today (February 20) via LGBTQ-focused media platform Slay TV.

Abdool Corlette, film production manager for LGBTQ advocacy organization GLAAD, created the series, which he co-produces with Adam Vazquez. As Corlette explains in a VICE interview published today, the series aims to fight mainstream media’s focus on White and cisgender gay men at the expense of queer people of color. 

"How do you tell a person how it feels to never see yourself on TV?" says Corlette. "How do you make someone feel the way we feel when we go see ‘Moonlight?’ I get chills just thinking about it. Because the validation and power in seeing your story, that’s incredible. What’s tragic is that people of color still have to experience what I experienced when I watched ‘Moonlight.’ And that a lot of our White peers take for granted representation and seeing themselves on screen."

To that end, each five-to-seven minute episode of "Other Boys NYC" focuses on one gay or trans man of color who tells a personal story. The featured subjects vary by race, occupation and time spent in New York, and those differences are reflected in their stories, which range from a testimony about Islamophobia in LGBTQ spaces to reflections on how rigid gender identity definitions negatively impact trans people of color.

Slay TV, whose content centers queer people of color, released the series’ first 26 episodes through its YouTube channel. Check back every week for another of the 25 remaining episodes.

*Note: Post has been updated to reflect the correct number of remaining episodes.