Native American Costumes No Longer Allowed in Washington Stadium

By Shani Saxon Aug 06, 2021

The Washington Football Team, formally and controversially known as the Washington Redskins, announced Wednesday (August 4) that it will no longer allow traditionally Native American garb to be worn in FedEx stadium this season, ESPN reports. 

The team expects to host approximately 20,000 fans at its practice on Friday (August 6), which will make it the largest crowd gathered in the stadium since Washington’s home finale in 2019—back when the team was still known by its former name. As ESPN reports, the organization announced in July 2020 that it was on the hunt for a new, more appropriate moniker. Team president Jason Wright said they would be known as the Football Team for 2021, and will announce a permanent name  “early in 2022,” according to ESPN.

Reports ESPN:

Wright said they have worked with Native American leaders during the process of finding a new name. He recently announced that Washington would not be choosing the name Warriors as its new one. Owner Dan Snyder had applied to trademark that name in 2007 when he was trying to bring an Arena League to Washington. 

Native American leaders told ESPN last summer that Warriors is too similar to the team’s former name and would therefore be unacceptable