NAACP Legal Defense Fund Fights Brown Betrayal; Naomi Campbell Reveals Runway Racism

By The News Aug 23, 2007

NAACP Legal Defense Fund Wards Off Ward Connerly Despite the parent NAACP’s obsession with the N-word, the original Brown v. Board of Education organization is working to combat the effects of the recent Supreme Court rulings on affirmative action. Diverse Education. War on Gangs Counterproductive for Communities of Color The Justice Policy Institute recently released a report that argues the focus on gangs and hip hop ‘is a distraction from very real problems of crime and violence that afflict too many communities.’ In These Times. John Singleton Calls Comedies ‘Coon Shows’ Singleton, notable director and producer, criticizes recent comedies in which Black men in drag portray women. CBS News. Naomi Campbell Condemns Fashion Industry’s Racism Naomi Campbell, noted supermodel diva, has recently criticized Vogue magazine’s disinterest in models of color and fashion’s pervasive racism. The Guardian. Student Leader Calls Board of Ed to Examine Race Contrary to Supreme Court decisions, a white high school student member of the Montgomery County Board of Education says ‘ the time has come for a thorough discussion of race in our schools.’ Washington Post.