A Musical Thank You Note to the Racists and Misogynists of the Internet

Jun 08, 2012

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that a lot of the interpersonal racism people experience today happens on the internet. Racist comments are alive and thriving on local newspaper sites, YouTube and even dating websites. Here at Colorlines.com, our community manager Channing Kennedy sees racist comments regularly that he has to delete. "I love moderating the Colorlines community, because of the breadth of lived experiences and the sharp analyses that our commenters bring. And if we didn’t get haters, we wouldn’t be doing our job," Kennedy says about dealing with not-so-positive commenters. Kennedy says the racist and misogynists show up most often when Colorlines writers "illustrate the humanity of people who’ve broken rules, whether that rule is the gender binary or a racist immigration law." He went on to say his priority is that Colorlines.com is a safe space for folks who don’t get heard anywhere else. "Haters have plenty of their own sites." Isabel Fay, a British comedy writer and performer, wrote a beautiful song thanking the "sexually aggressive, racist, homophobe, misogynistic" trolls of the interwebs. Check out her (NSFW) video below.