Morning Browse: Katrina Cop Confession, Summer Jobs, Palin’s Pleased

By Kai Wright Apr 08, 2010

Former New Orleans cop Michael Hunter plead guilty yesterday to shooting at unarmed civilians on the Danziger Bridge following Katrina, offering grisly details of the event that contradict official police reports. Hunter is the first cop actually involved in the shooting to plead guilty. Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell conceded yesterday that leaving slavery out of his "Confederate History Month" proclamation was a "major omission" and issued a revisal. The Confederate celebration continues, however. The White House has joined the Congressional Black Caucus in shouting down the Senate for failing to pass the House’s summer jobs bill, which would create 300,000 jobs. Sarah Palin tells Sean Hannity that she thinks RNC Chair Micheal Steele’s "doing a great job," actually.