The Morning Browse: Big Stuff in Today’s News

By Kai Wright Mar 16, 2010

The evil ad wizards who brought us Willie Horton are tying Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid to Dubai “slave labor,” which they in turn equate with union labor in Nevada. MoJo’s Stephanie Mencimer reports. The FCC’s releasing it’s National Broadband Plan this morning. Tech geeks can live stream it. People of color and poor families are less likely to have broadband than others. We’ll have more later this week on how that fact has muddied the effort to pass “open internet” regulations. Doctors are dropping out of Medicaid all over the country after years of budgetary neglect has kept rates too low. NYT reports and explains how it relates to the upcoming health insurance vote. Think Progress has a handy chart comparing Sen. Chris Dodd’s consumer financial protection proposal with earlier versions from the president and House. Talking Points Memo has the White House’s talking points for how House members can sell health insurance reform. Fun with slides! The gap between white and black players graduating from NCAA’s tournament-bound basketball teams is growing, according to a new study. Shocking, of course. Earl Ofari Hutchinson points out there’s a new Gates-gate unfolding in the bedroom suburbs of L.A. following a racial-profiling stop of prominent black minister Robert Taylor.