More Summer in the City! Cute Photos From Colorlines Readers

There's too much tough news these days. So we asked you to send in shots of summer loving in our cities. Here are some of the best.

By Jorge Rivas Jul 14, 2011

Last week we asked readers to send us pictures of how they’re enjoying their summer. We got images of people dancing in the street, neighborhoods kids playing together and cute babies enjoying some pool time.

Martin Niese of Chicago sent us images of murals he shot in Logan Square. "Chicago is such a special place in the Summer; I wish it would never end," Niese wrote in his email to Colorlines.

Sureshi Jayawardene knows we love us some cute babies because that is exactly what she sent.

California DREAMing.  These two gentleman are enjoying a bike ride with a purpose in Los Angeles.

Diane Green Lent sent us amazing shots from a Rhythm Revu dance party in Brooklyn’s Grand Army Plaza!

Emma from Albany, NY sent us images of neighborhood kids playing together during their annual block party.