More ‘Jena Six’ Copycats; Immigration Crackdown on Gangs

By The News Oct 09, 2007

Racial Incidents Like Jena Spark in More Schools At a high school in South Bend, Indiana, students are organizing in support of six black students who were threatened. The Jena 6 case has created a platform for discussing racial tensions in American schools, but has also led to a string of copycat incidents and mockery. – WSBT Criminalizing Immigration, Deporting Gang Members Since June 1, 2007, federal agents and local police have arrested 1,313 gang members in 23 cities with records of immigration violations. This move criminalizes men of color and immigrant men making them easy targets in the crack down. – USA Today Anti-Terrorism Policies Inspected The Supreme Court are set to review U.S secret prisons overseas and will consider the case of El Masri, a man detained on the grounds of alleged Al-Queda connections. This step is seen as a success for civil liberties groups, and a necessary review of the Bush administration’s anti-terror tactics. – Financial Times