Missouri Organizers Defeat Ward Connerly’s Initiative; US May Punish Countries that Refuse Deportees

By The News May 06, 2008

Ward Connerly Fails in Missouri WeCAN, ACORN, and Missouri Jobs for Justice successfully organized against Connerly’s efforts to ban affirmative action in the state. Not gathering enough signatures for a petition to get the initiative on the ballot in Missouri, Connerly still works in several other states to silence race. St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Bill to Punish Countries That Reject Deported Immigrants Arlen Specter has presented new legislation that would deny immigration visas and foreign aid to countries that refuse repatriation. Austin American-Statesman. Protests Planned for Imam Facing Deportation Organizers, who say at least 18 buses are are headed to Paterson in support of a New Jersey Imam who is facing deportation, hope thousands will attend three days of rallies planned around his immigration case. Newsday. Justice for Gitmo Detainees Delayed Nearly seven years after September 11, 2001, not one of the approximately 775 terrorism suspects who have been held on this island has faced a jury trial inside the new complex, and U.S. officials think it is highly unlikely that any of the suspects will before the Bush administration ends. Washington Post. Immigration Advocates Protest Bay Area ICE Raids Immigrant rights advocates and religious leaders are congregating today in front of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s San Francisco office to protest recent raids in the Bay Area. San Jose Mercury News.