Mindy Kaling Has a New Book on the Way About Work, Race and Sad Things

By Jamilah King Jun 13, 2014

Mindy Kaling is currently working on a new book called "Why Not Me?" that’ll cover everything that’s happened in her life since her last book, released back in 2011. And, as Jezebel points out, that’s quite a lot: 

"The show; my mother passed away; so many of my friends have gotten married. I’m a godmother now, and a homeowner. There’s so much that has happened in that period of time that I wanted to write another book," Kaling told the LA Times‘ Yvonne Villarreal. "…I can only fit so much into the show and have all this extra stuff and I love writing in that format. It’s very different from writing dialog."

The book will reportedly also tackle some of the controverseies that have swept the writer up in recent years, including her noticeably different Elle cover and the discussion abouot race on her show "The Mindy Project."