Michelle: Congress, not Prez to Blame for Slow Immigration Reform

By Kai Wright Apr 19, 2010

First Lady Michelle Obama told Univision in Mexico yesterday that the administration hasn’t moved immigration reform to the front burner, as promised, because Congress is too divided. As The Hill reports, Obama argued,

"[W]hat we all have to understand in the United States, in Mexico and around the world is that the president needs the support of two parties of Congress to get major reform done," the first lady said. "We saw the challenges that take place with just getting healthcare reform so there are real challenges ahead," she continued, "but I know that my husband is committed and understands that a comprehensive and smart immigration reform policy is going to benefit the United States and Mexico and other countries around the world."

Rep. Luis Gutierrez, who leads the Congressional Hispanic Caucus’ immigration task force, pointedly disagrees with this perspective. Gutierrez argues that Arizona’s new law mandating local cops check immigration status of people suspected of being undocumented — effectively making racial profiling of Latinos state law — and a massive federal raid in the state Friday offer "a horrifying glimpse at what our future holds across the country if we continue down the path the Obama administration is leading us on immigration."