‘Mexican Restaurant’ is the 7th Most Popular Google Maps Search in the U.S.

So some states don't want Mexican immigrants to stay but they sure would miss the food.

By Jorge Rivas Dec 16, 2011

Despite the wave of anti-immigrant laws that swept the country in 2011, findings released on Thursday by Google show Americans still do love their tacos and burritos.

On Thursday Google released the 2011 Zeitgeist that looks at the most popular and the fastest rising terms–the terms with the highest growth in 2011–that people use for search results.

The seventh most popular search term for Google Maps in the U.S. is ‘Mexican restaurant.’

And to top it all off, the Google Maps search term was used the most from October 30th through November 5th — the same week Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer visited Alabama to praise the state’s harsh anti-immigrant law HB 56.