Melissa Harris-Perry: “Be Very Afraid” of Race Case Before Supreme Court

By Carla Murphy Jan 26, 2015

"Housing discrimination" doesn’t make for sexy headlines. It’s a mouthful. But where groups of people live and why (or, why not) is ground zero in everyday battles for better schools and community health, easier transportation to jobs, fair lending, safety from violence–basically everything. As a result the housing discrimination case now before the Supreme Court led off this weekend’s "Melissa Harris-Perry Show." She and her guests break down the stakes, the debate, how the Fair Housing Act is supposed to work and the implications if Roberts’ SCOTUS dismantles one of President Johnson’s key civil rights laws. "Be very afraid," MSNBC host Harris-Perry says.

Watch the intro video above as well as extra segments on the current fair housing debate and implications of a SCOTUS decision. But the best way to understand how yesterday’s baked-in residential segregation affects the lives and outcomes of everyone, today? Listen to sports commentator Bomani Jones, at the height of the Donald Sterling scandal, explain the "real racism" of the longtime NBA owner who was also a much sued landlord (4:32-8:58).