Meek and Rubio Move Ahead in Florida; McCain Wins in Arizona

Florida's Senate and gubernatorial races are sure to be bellwethers for the national political mood.

By Jamilah King Aug 25, 2010

The results are in from last night’s Florida primaries: Rep. Kendrick Meek beat out billionaire rival Jeff Greene for the Democratic nomination in the state’s hotly contested senatorial campaign. He’ll run against Tea Party darling and Cuban-American Marco Rubio, who won the Republican nomination, and Gov. Charlie Crist, who’s runnings as an independent.

In the state’s governor’s race, business executive Rick Scott won the Republican nod, while Alex Sink handily won the Demoratic nod. Scott beat out Attorney General Bill McCollum, who had taken a page out of Arizona’s political playbook by proposing a beefed up version of that state’s anti-immigrant law, SB 1070. 

In Arizona, Sen. John McCain’s effort to rebrand himself as rabidly anti-immigrant succeeded apparently, as he handily beat rightwing talk show host and former Rep. J.D. Hayworth. 

Andy Kroll at Mother Jones pointed out how unpredictable Florida’s politics can be, but noted why its Senate and gubernatorial campaigns are two races to watch heading into November:

The pressure will be on Florida’s Democratic Senate nominee to gain a seat in an election year where the party is girding for losses in both chambers of Congress. The gubernatorial race, meanwhile, has garnered national attention as the GOP aims to take back more governors’ seats in one election than ever before in history. The University of Minnesota’s Smart Politics blog reported that Republicans could reclaim as many 28 of 37 governorships up for grabs this fall.