McCain Visits Columbia; 25,000 Autoworkers Laid Off

By The News Jul 03, 2008

Hostages Are Rescued While McCain Visits Colombia While McCain visits Colombia, 15 hostages were rescued from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia known as FARC. In 2003, 15 people were taken hostage (3 being American) after their plane crashed in FARC territory. This rescue comes a day after McCain gave a speech urging for human rights and free trade during an event where President Álvaro Uribe of Colombia was present. McCain’s trip comes as he shapes his foreign policy image and goes after Latino voters. New York Times. 25,000 Detroit Autoworkers to be Laid Off Gas prices have affected many businesses and now it has taking its toll on factories in Detroit. General Motors, Ford Motor and Chrysler have decided to layoff 25,000 autoworkers as a result of the decrease in business. Sales have plummeted by 18% and the need of workers is decreasing. New York Times. San Francisco Undocumented Youth Lose Sanctuary Since 1989, San Francisco required adult undocumented immigrants with felony records or those who have been accused of felonies to be turned over to ICE. This however did not cover juvenile offenders who are escorted back to their native land by the city’s probation officers. After eight convicted juvenile drug dealers from Honduras escaped, San Francisco’s policy regarding undocumented juveniles has been questioned. Los Angeles Times. Oregon Court Rules Wiretaps Illegal In a lawsuit brought by an Oregon charity, Judge Vaughn R. Walker (the chief judge for the Northern District of California) ruled that it was illegal for the National Security Agency to wire tap without warrant from a secret court. This further overturns President Bush’s secret surveillance program established after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.New York Times.