Margaret Cho, Alice Walker and 100 More Artists Call for Humane Immigration Reform

Their statement comes just as the Senate takes up its immigration bill.

By Julianne Hing May 08, 2013

On Tuesday more than 100 artists, comedians, writers and musicians issued a statement calling on Congress and President Obama to pass humane, inclusive and just immigration reform. The signers, whose statement is available at [](, say immigration reform must include [five basics]( > End the detentions and deportations that cause separation and suffering for families; > Preserve families by expediting the visa process and retaining longstanding policies that reunite and stabilize families; > Ensure all immigrants have basic workers’ rights; > Provide equal immigration rights to LGBTQ individuals and families; and > Create a clear roadmap to citizenship that includes all 11 million undocumented immigrants. Because, they contend, "Migration is natural and beautiful. The human truth is that all people move, and all people have rights. Creating a just and humane immigration process is a moral and cultural imperative that secures the future of a vibrant nation." Their calls come just as the Senate is [taking up]( its immigration bill. Take a look at the list of supporters [in full](; it’s a who’s who of smart artists. Novelists Ha Jin and Teju Cole support humane immigration policy. As do filmmakers Mira Nair and Robert Redford, along with comedians Negin Farsad and Margaret Cho, and actors Rosario Dawson, Blythe Danner and Alfre Woodard. Who wouldn’t want to be in such good company? To kick off the campaign, which is a collaboration between The Culture Group, Air Traffic Control, and CultureStrike, artists Favianna Rodriguez, Ray Hernandez, Julio Salgado and Jason Carne created images with the campaign’s signature butterfly attached to it. Check out their work below: by Favianna Rodriguez by Jason Carne by Julio Salgado by Ray Hernandez