Marco Rubio Suspends Presidential Campaign After Losing Florida Primary

By Sameer Rao Mar 16, 2016

The race to the White House narrowed yesterday (March 15) when Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) announced the suspension of his presidential campaign. 

Rubio’s announcement came after a dramatic loss in his home state’s primary yesterday, which saw frontrunner* Donald Trump win in every Florida county except for Miami-Dade—the same county where Rubio grew up and delivered his concession speech. The New York Times reports that Trump won 45.7 percent of the Florida vote, while Rubio earned just 27 percent.

Rubio, a child of Cuban immigrants, often touted his upbringing while promoting policies like a merit-based immigration system that he admitted would have barred his own parents from citizenship. Though he initially did not engage in Trump’s signature belittling of other candidates on the campaign trail, Rubio eventually criticized Trump, including an infamous moment when he derisively addressed Trump’s hand size. Trump responded in kind, alleging that Rubio had a small penis. To date, Trump has won in more states than any other Republican candidate.

Rubio subtly attacked Trump on his way out, saying in his concession speech: "The politics of resentment against other people will not just leave us a fractured party, they are going to leave us a fractured nation."

(H/t The New York Times, CNN, Fusion, Los Angeles Times, The Hill)  

*Post has been updated since publication