Major Investigation Looks at Nation’s Re-Segregating Schools

By Carla Murphy Apr 17, 2014

As a follow up to her 2012 investigation into residential segregation, ProPublica reporter Nikole Hannah-Jones is back, this time with a year-long look at re-segregating schools in the South and the nation, too. In "Segregation Now,":

Almost everywhere in the country, Hannah-Jones found, the gains of integration have been eroded. And nowhere has that been more powerfully and disturbingly true than in the South – once home to both the worst of segregation and the greatest triumphs of integration. Freed from the federal oversight that produced integration, schools districts across the 11 former states of the Confederacy have effectively re-instituted segregation for large numbers of black students, in practical terms if not in law.

The complete reporting package on re-segregated schooling today is huge so here’s a handy how-to-read/view guide as well as a plain, non-graphics text-only version. Each chapter, based on Hannah-Jones’ embedding in the Tuscaloosa, Ala. school district, will be rolled out over three days, beginning today. So settle in! 

In the meantime though, be sure to share your six words on race and education in America. And look out for reaction over the coming week to this major investigation–and add your own.