Machine Gun Kelly Flash Mob: White Cleveland Teens Go Wild

And surprise, surprise: no fans were arrested. But the rapper and his entourage didn't have the same luck.

By Jorge Rivas Aug 22, 2011

Rapper Machine Gun Kelly, who signed on to Diddy’s Bad Boy Records earlier this year, was arrested Saturday for organizing a flash mob in a mall in his hometown in Strongsville, Ohio.

Kelly, who’s real name Richard Colson Baker, did not receive any jail time and was only given a citation for disorderly conduct. A total of three arrests were made at the mall: Kelly and two other members of his entourage, according to the Baltimore Sun.

Leaving everyone wondering: What would’ve happened if Kelly and his fans were black?

On Saturday Kelly asked his hometown fans to spontaneously assemble together in a local mall’s foodcourt. "Today we flash mob NO MATTER WHAT! 5pm at SouthPark mall in the foodcourt, wear disguises, dont move to you hear ‘Cleveland’ play then RAGE!," his Twitter feed announced a few hours before the scheduled meeting time.

And his fans showed up. Hundreds of them.

According to census data, 92 percent of Strongsville is white. And by the looks of video footage posted from the event, the fans who showed up were also overwhelmingly white. Those numbers might ever be higher if you don’t count the black people at the scene who came with Kelly.