Lupe Fiasco Leaves Twitter After Fans Object to ‘F*ck Martin Luther King’ Lyric

By Jamilah King Jan 15, 2015

Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco is fed up with the public. He’s gearing up to release his new album, "Tetsuo & Youth", on January 20, but along the way he has gotten into several high profile beefs on Twitter with fellow rappers Kid Cudi and Azealia Banks. Now, after he decided to tweet the lyrics to an upcoming song with Big KRIT called "Lost Generation" with disparaging lyrics about Martin Luther King Jr., he’s decided to leave the social media platform altogether.

From XXL Magazine:

While some fans tweeted the lyrics along with Lupe, many took offense to certain lines, specifically this line "fuck Martin Luther King, n*gga, fuck change."Lupe replied to many of his responses in an attempt to explain the meaning behind the song’s lyrics and discussed society as a whole. After The Cool MC’s explanations, he announced that he’s quitting Twitter. Just last week (Jan. 9th), Lupe hinted at deleting his account on Jan. 19. Guess he wasn’t joking.

Here’s the lyric in context, from Rap Genius:

My nigga fuck this mic
We should be fucking with MIC
Military industrial complex
And we can get rich, nigga, fuck showing love
They ain’t listening to us
They ain’t playing this bitch in the club
So let’s get paid, turn these motherfuckers into slaves
School is for lames, man, these niggas join gangs
Fuck Martin Luther King, nigga, fuck change
Fuck peace, I want chains
G’s on the internet, bitch like bam
Fuck peace, I want a plane
Fill that bitch with cocaine
And make these bitches move their booties
And help these niggas make their movies
All these niggas into their graves
And talk these hoes out their coochies

Lupe explained his departure on, you guessed it, Twitter: