Lou Dobbs Leads Human Rights Crusade Against Roberto Lovato

By Michelle Chen Sep 23, 2009

Media Matters has brought us this gem from the September 22 broadcast of The Lou DobbsShow, in which he takes denounces Roberto Lovato, founder of presente.org and Colorlines contributor, as "a typical left-wing activist coward propagandist." Have a listen: Dobbs declares that Lovato is "trying to deny my rights… while turning over this country to those who have no regard for our laws, for our rules and customs. And the legal foundation of this country. I mean, Mr. Lovato, you’re a joke!… I consider you to be an outright fraud." Who’d have thought that Lovato, of all people, would be the one to finally drive Dobbs to take up the mantle of equal rights? ARC has never been prouder of our unparalleled team of propagandists.