Look Out For Your Abuelita On Facebook, and Other News

By The News Mar 12, 2009

Blacks and Latinos Have Steeper End-of-Life Costs A new research study shows that Black and Latinos require more intensive, and expensive, end-of-life treatment because they do not receive better health care throughout their lives like white patients. WaPo Texas Police Department Faces Discrimination Lawsuit Small-town cops are under fire after two Black residents claimed they gave more than $50,000 to Tenaha cops under threat of money-laundering charges. A biracial couple was also forced to hand over $6,000 after officials threatened to put their children in foster care. CNN Program to Help Elderly Latinos In Cyberspace Generations on Line, a Philadelphia-based Internet literacy organization, is taking a small step towards bridging the digital divide. This new program offers its users a simple website in Spanish equipped with easy help pages, free email and useful Internet links. NCM Online Florida Area Construction Hiring Discriminates Against Black Workers With a new Orlando arena in construction, many people of color are not only losing land, but losing out on jobs. Orlando Sentinel Blacks Arrested at Higher Rates than Whites for Drug Possession A recent report based on FBI data shows that every year between 1980 and 2007, adult Blacks were arrested on drug possession charges 2.8 to 5.5 times higher than white adults. St. Louis American