Livestream – TEDxPhiladelphia 2015: “And Justice for All”

By Sameer Rao Jun 10, 2015

Although a TED conference might not be the most likely place to find deep conversations and presentations about justice in our country, TEDxPhiladelphia (which, like all TEDx events, is independently organized) is doing just that with the topic of today’s multidisciplinary event, "And Justice For All." Hosted at the Temple Performing Arts Center in North Philadelphia, the all-day event will feature 14 speakers (roughly half of whom are people of color) as well as three musical guests to address the concept of contemporary justice. Notable guests include: 

Charles H. Ramsey, Philadelphia’s controversial yet seemingly popular police comissioner, who co-chairs President Obama’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing

Brigitte Daniel, executive vice president of Wilco Electronics Systems, Inc., which provides cable and technology services to low-income neighborhoods

– Ronnie Polaneczky, a veteran consumer affairs journalist for the Philadelphia Daily News

Here’s more on the event from the TEDxPhiladelphia website

And Justice For All – the final four words of the Pledge of Allegiance – embodies the powerful theme of TEDxPhiladelphia 2015…

Our interest in this phrase is not motivated by politics or blind patriotism, but by a deep belief in the directness and simplicity of its sentiment – the ideal of equality, social equity, and economic justice which is at the root of this country’s founding and its enduring and evolving identity and value. Liberty and justice, after all, touch on such important notions as access, fairness, opportunity and democracy as well as their ever-present threats.

Check out the livestream below or by clicking here.