LIVESTREAM: Black Male Re-Imagined Program at the Kennedy Center

By Kenrya Rankin Oct 11, 2016

Today (October 11) marks the latest installment of the Campaign for Black Male Achievement’s Black Male Re-Imagined series, which will use art, performances, short films and roundtable conversations to explore topics surrounding the humanity of Black people.

“The intent behind Black Male Re-Imagined III is to provide a space to acknowledge, explore and celebrate the lived realities, hopes, dreams and challenges that are tied into identity and perception for Black men and women, including those who are cis-gender, transgender and gender non-conforming,” Rashid Shabazz of the Campaign for Black Male Achievement said in a blog post on the program. “Due to the myriad issues facing Black communities—such as the physical, mental and psychological trauma Black people are dealing with as a result of rampant police violence, the need for honest and challenging discourse between Black men and women around patriarchy and toxic masculinity, as well as greater inclusion and sensitivity to the experiences and traumas that our Black gay and transgender communities are going through—we really wanted this to be an opportunity for these urgent conversations to take place, and to provide a platform for voices that have, by and large, been excluded or overlooked by the mainstream.”

The free program is set for 2 p.m. ET today at The Kennedy Center, but you can watch the whole thing from anywhere in the world via the livestream above.

Click here for a full breakdown of the day’s programming.