Listen to the Last Episode of ‘2 Dope Queens’ Featuring Michelle Obama

By Sameer Rao Nov 15, 2018

Starting in 2016, Phoebe Robinson ("Ibiza") and Jessica Williams ("The Incredible Jessica James") brought conversations about diversity and representation in media to the public media airwaves through 48 episodes of "2 Dope Queens." They said goodbye to their WNYC Studios podcast by featuring former first lady of the United States and best-selling author Michelle Obama on the 49th and final episode yesterday (November 14).

"The podcast was created as a space for female, POC and LGBTQ performers to shine," the co-hosts’ farewell statement reads. We—and by we, we mean YOU [the listeners]—showed the world that people want and need to hear more diverse voices."

"As for this last episode, we are going out with a bang, y’all," the note continues. "A conversation with her majesty, Michelle Obama. When the queen calls, the Queens answer! We couldn’t have dreamed up a better, more meaningful, finale."

Obama discusses her music tastes, the pressures on Black women in political and professional settings and more with the co-hosts. In one segment, she discusses caring for her hair while maintaining her busy public schedule:


Well, you know, the first thing you’ve gotta worry about is how to keep [your hair] healthy. And that’s at the core of it, which people don’t understand. It’s like, getting your hair done every day will mess with your hair. You know? So a lot of it, my whole goal was, ‘I want to end this [time as First Lady] with hair on my head.’ You know? ‘I want to leave here with the hair I came with.’ And so now you’ve got to think about how do you do that, you know? What are you doing? And are you swimming? Are you working out? But this wasn’t just a first lady journey. This is a Black professional women’s journey.

Listen to the full final "2 Dope Queens" episode:

Fans can still follow the pair in future editions of the show’s HBO specials.