LISTEN: Kimberly Drew Calls for Real Accessibility in the Art World

By Sameer Rao Nov 08, 2018

Kimberly Drew took the fine art establishment’s racist and sexist biases to task in September, when she tweeted that she would leave her job as a social media manager for The Metropolitan Museum of Art:




rntThe outspoken blogger and arts activist discussed her career and views on the art world on yesterday’s (November 7) episode of "What’s Good with Stretch & Bobbito." Drew specifically addressed how museums like The Met need to radically change the ways they engage with audiences from marginalized communities:


A lot of the change that I’m particularly obsessed with right now is especially along the lines of accessibility, in terms of making sure that people of all levels of ability feel like they can come into a museum. So that’s not just socioeconomic, that’s not just racial. That’s physical ability as well. One thing is a marketing issue, and I’m also an ex-marketing professional as of Friday. But I do think that there’s a way that museums don’t have the tools for talking about themselves really well. A lot of press releases are like, "we’re the first and the best!" And it’s like, "No one cares! What do you have and how do I get there?" Just looking at the lack of information for real people, a curious audience, I don’t think there’s always that extension in a way that is necessary. 

Listen to the full episode for more of Drew’s reflections: