Legendary DJ Mister Cee Grapples with Homophobia in Hip-Hop

At times tearful, Mister Cee says that he's tired of hiding his desires.

By Akiba Solomon Sep 12, 2013

Yesterday the legendary hip-hop DJ Mister Cee resigned from his 20-year post at New York City’s Hot 97 after a male video blogger named Bimbo Winehouse released audio of a man who sounds like the DJ soliciting sex for money. Born Calvin LeBrun, Mister Cee had been arrested previously for soliciting sex from transgender prostitutes. 

This morning Mister Cee, who is most famous for DJing for Big Daddy Kane and serving as an associate executive producer on Notorious B.I.G.’s debut, "Ready to Die," did a revealing interview with Hot 97 programming director Ebro Darden about sexuality, shame and homophobia in hip-hop. Throughout the interview, Darden invites the DJ to return to his job and reassures him that the station accepts him as he is. At times tearful, Mister Cee says that he’s tired of hiding his desires. The exchange is worth a listen.