Lawsuits, Headscarves and Other News Today

By The News Mar 06, 2009

American Indian Farmers File Discrimination Lawsuit Last week, several American Indian farmers filed a class-action lawsuit against the USDA for loan discrimination, claiming damages of at least $500 million. They say because they were denied loans, they were pushed out of business and claim they were refused restructured loans during hard years unlike white farmers. Associated Press. Colorado Debates Tuition Bill for Immigrant Students The Senate Education Committee will hear a bill that would grant in-state tuition to any student who has attended a Colorado high school for three years and graduated despite immigration status. Already the state is in a political frenzy. Denver Post. Islamic Group Asks Holder to Revisit Headscarves Proposal The Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations is asking Eric Holder to re-examine a proposed Minnesota law that would require people to remove headscarves for driver’s license photos saying the law infringes on First Amendment rights. MinnPost. Seattle Hospitals Fail Patients of Color A report released by the Washington Community Action Network and other Seattle-based community groups found that geographic, language and financial barriers keeps people of color from receiving adequate healthcare. Seattle Medium. Blacks With Breast Cancer At Higher Risk Researchers at University of California San Francisco found that Black women who have breast cancer are at higher risk of hypertension and face higher mortality rates compared to white women. Science Daily. Missouri Surprise: We Arrest Black and Latino Drivers The Boone County police department in Missouri reports that in 2008, deputies arrested 13.9 percent of Black drivers and 12.5 percent of Latino drivers compared to 6.2 percent of white drivers who were pulled over. Missourian.