Laurence Fishburne Plays Thurgood Marshall in New One-Man Show

The Tony Award-winning actor introduces the trailblazing civil rights hero to a new generation of viewers.

By Thoai Lu Mar 02, 2011

Naima Chapman Ramos over at Postbourgie took a moment to shine the spotlight on "Thurgood," a biopic play about the trailblazing Supreme Court Justice, that recently aired on HBO. In the one-man play, Laurence Fishburne plays Marshall and serves as the only actor.

The performance premiered last week, but was filmed in front of a live audience at the Kennedy Center’s Eisenhower Theater in Washington DC last summer. In the 90-minute production, Fishburne uses present-tense narration to highlight points in Marshall’s career and personal life, including his historic argument in the 1954 Brown v Board of Education case. 

The one-man play was written by George Stevens Jr. and originally previewed on Broadway in April of 2008, with performances through August of that year. Although Fishburne is most known for his role in the "Matrix," he is also the recipient of a Tony Award and the first African-American to play "Othello" in a motion picture by a major studio. His performance in "Thurgood" does not rely on other actors and special effects. For many, it will be a much-needed introduction to the life of the late civil rights activist.