The Latest on the R. Kelly Sexual Assault Case

By Tiarra Mukherjee Feb 28, 2019

While rumors about R. Kelly swirled for decades, most of the music industry chose to look the other way—that’s according to John Legend

Legend appeared on the Today show Tuesday (February 26) to talk about why he’s glad the Lifetime docuseries "Surviving R. Kelly" was made—and his hope that Kelly’s victims finally get justice, following his indictment on 10 counts of criminal sexual abuse last week.

Legend, who appeared in the documentary, said that he turned down a song from R. Kelly due to concerns related to allegations of sexual assault. That was long before the show renewed the nation’s attention to his alleged crimes.

In other R. Kelly news, Chicago-based daycare owner Valencia Love posted R. Kelly’s $100,000 bond after he spent a weekend in jail. Chicago-based journalist Tia Ewing posted notes from her interview with Love on Twitter, igniting a passionate debate that revealed how polarizing his story remains along racial and gender lines.

While the singer was once believed to be worth upwards of $150 million dollars according to Marketwatch,  it appears that the Black woman-led #MuteRKelly campaign has succeeded in cutting into his earnings. Kelly’s defense lawyer, Steven Greenberg told press that the singer’s finances were “a mess” and his income has fallen dramatically after his record label dropped him. Several supporters attemped to set up GoFundMe pages to raise money for his legal defense, but Marketwatch reports that all those pages have been shut down:


“These campaigns violate GoFundMe’s terms of service and they’ve been removed from the platform,” said GoFundMe spokes[person] Jenny Perillo. “I can confirm that our terms of service prohibit raising money on GoFundMe for the legal defense of a violent crime.”