Larry Wilmore Says Comedy Central Didn’t Promote ‘The Nightly Show’ Enough

By Sameer Rao Aug 17, 2016

Larry Wilmore has discussed Comedy Central’s sudden cancelation of "The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore’s" with a number of publications since it was announced on Monday (August 15). While discussing the show’s impact and legacy with Fast Company, he said that the network could have done more to make the show a ratings success.

Do you think Comedy Central promoted your show as much as it should have?


What makes you say that?

I think they were interested in the launch of "The Daily Show." And rightly so. I don’t blame them for that. Jon [Stewart] leaving was a big deal, you know. And I just think they put most of their energies over there. That’s my opinion.

Wilmore also told Fast Company that he wanted more "synergy" between his show and "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah"—something the network didn’t pursue—similar to that between predecessors "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" and Stephen Colbert‘s "The Colbert Report:"

I even told the network this. Trevor and I should have had on-air connections, the way Jon and Stephen did. It would have been fun to do hand-offs and that type of thing. Just for people to see that there’s a distinction—[all] [B]lack people just aren’t the same. Here’s a guy from South Africa, for goodness sake. I grew up in California, you know? I’m an African-American, he’s an African-African. We could’ve really had fun playing on those differences. People would have known why our points of view are different. [Otherwise] it’s like, "Oh, another black guy is coming on to tell me this same stuff? Sorry, goodbye."

Wilmore expressed gratitude in that interview for the show’s frank conversations about race, which he elaborated on when speaking to Vulture:  

I am the most proud that we set out to do a show to present voices that rarely get a chance to be heard on television, people who don’t get to be seen all the time, and to take the underdog perspective a lot of the time, and to tackle tough issues like race or even class when there are so many people who are feeling left out in the country right now. And gender. That’s one of the most important issues right now. Who would’ve thought that we’d be talking about who could use what bathroom these days.