Lara Logan Speaks on Sexual Assault

It's an important time to tackle the real threat of violence that many women, especially those of color, face while reporting abroad.

By Jamilah King May 03, 2011

CBS reporter Lara Logan, who was sexually assaulted while doing her job earlier this year while covering the Egyptian uprising, recently appeared on 60 Minutes to describe her ordeal. Trigger Warning: Logan’s descriptions are graphic, and heartbreaking. See snippets of her interview over at Jezebel.

Shortly after Logan’s attack came to light, our Gender Matters columnist Akiba Solomon talked to fellow journalist Carla Murphy about how women must prepare to face rape and sexual assault while reporting from the world’s hot spots. Murphy said she faced the brutal facts:

"I had to accept the fact that I could be sexually assaulted or kidnapped on the job. I really had to have that conversation with myself. I’m not saying those things can’t happen in America, but I knew I was going to a place with no real law enforcement. So if I was dealing with a man who was inclined to rape someone, there’s no reason why he wouldn’t look at me and think, ‘I can do that to her.’ That’s what he would do to a woman who lives there–and I look just like her."

Read more of Solomon’s interview with Murphy here. It’s an important time to tackle the real threat of violence that many women — especially those of color — face while reporting abroad. "As traditional newsrooms–which remain overwhelmingly white and male–continue to shed jobs, indie journalists of color are going to be a key resource of quality, nuanced and ethical reporting on people who look like us," wrote Solomon.