LA Taco Celebrates West Coast Street Art

We like Fridays, and tacos. And graffiti.

By Hatty Lee Jan 21, 2011

LA Taco is a Los Angeles-based blog all about celebrating the taco and street art. In a city that spends $7 million to clean up graffiti, this site shows how graffiti is more than gang tagging and focuses on the beauty and messaging of the art itself. It’s not just centered in LA. Seattle, San Francisco, New York, Austin and Phoenix are represented as well. 

In the eyes of some people, graffiti can be thought of an eyesore and associated with gangs, but it is an underrated form of communication for many artists of color. But as artist Estria Miyashiro shared a few weeks ago, it’s more than just spray cans and subway cars; graffiti’s become a political statement for many artists around the world. 

So just because it’s Friday, check out some of the amazing graffiti art featured on LA Taco.

Down by the river in Los Angeles.

Haste CBS in Los Angeles.

"Stroll" by Steven Albert in San Francisco.

By Francisco Garcia in Phoenix.

Train in Austin.