Khaliyl’s Big Brother Kieyen Loves To Read

From history books to comics to biographies on the Obamas, the baby rapper's older brother loves reading time with Dad.

By Noelle de la Paz Dec 14, 2011

Last week we posted the adorably impressive video of baby rapper Khaliyl Iloyi. Maybe you noticed the voice at the end saying, "Just like you, Kieyen, just like you," as an older boy smiles into the camera. Turns out Khaliyl’s big brother Kieyen was the first pre-literate lyricist in the family. These days, he has apparently grown into quite the avid reader. In the above video, he and his father Femi Iloyi talk favorite books and the importance of reading. From Africa to the X-Men, the Holocaust to the Obamas, they are proud history buffs and comic fanatics. "I think it’s important to read, so I spend a lot of time reading with my son," says Iloyi. So declares the articulate youngster: "My name is Kieyen and I want to encourage people to read." +++ We’re ending the day as often as possible by celebrating love. We welcome your ideas for posts. Send suggestions to [](mailto:, and be sure to put Celebrate Love in the subject line. You can send links to videos, graphics, photos, quotes, whatever. Or just chime in to the comments below and we’ll find you. Be sure to let us know you’ve got the rights to share any media you send. To see other Love posts visit our [Celebrate Love page](