Key and Peele Bring Back President Obama, Luther for Gloriously Angry Farewell

By Sameer Rao Jan 06, 2017

"Key & Peele’s" namesake leads anticipated President Barack Obama‘s January 10 farewell address with a revival of their portrayals of the president and his "anger translator Luther" on "The Daily Show With Trevor Noah" last night (January 5).

Keegan-Michael Key ("Don’t Think Twice") introduced the new sketch, explaining to Noah that former "Key & Peele" executive producer Jay Martel ("Teachers") wrote the bit "for his catharsis" after Donald Trump‘s election. For those unfamiliar, the recurring segment from the duo’s now-defunct sketch show features Jordan Peele ("Fargo") as the sitting president and Key as Luther, who "translates" Obama’s measured responses to right-wing hysteria and obstruction with expletive-laden outbursts. Luther notably appeared by the real Obama’s side at the 2015 White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

The new sketch hilariously channels outrage at Trump’s election, with Luther kicking a Trump piñata and assailing the president-elect’s rhetoric and behavior. Here are a few choice lines: 

  • Obama: It’s more imperative than ever that we move on as a country united—
    Luther: United in the fact that we can’t fucking stand each other!
  • Obama: I have greatly enjoyed my time as your president—
    Luther: Except when um, you know um, I um, let me think about it, let me think—when the Republications wouldn’t let me do shit, and then that one dude said I wasn’t born here, and then y’all elected him, so you know what?! Didn’t love that part so much. So pretty much the beginning, middle and end sucked
  • Obama: I assure you that if [Trump] succeeds, we all succeed.
    Luther: Unless he succeeds with all the shit he promises to succeed with. In that case, we’re fucked! (kicks air)

Luther closed the address with a message for Trump: "I got my eye on you, pussy-grabber!" 

Watch the sketch above.