Katrina’s Hidden Race War

By Daisy Hernandez Feb 05, 2009

I just finished reading "Katrina’s Hidden Race War" by AC Thompson and am stunned. Over 18 months, Thompson investigated shootings by whites in Algiers Point during the days after Hurricane Katrina struck. He describes finding at least 11 Black people who were shot by white vigilantes—and none of these murders have been investigated by the police. Here’s just one of many disturbing quotes from the article: "My uncle was very excited that it was a free-for-all–white against black–that he could participate in," says the woman. "For him, the opportunity to hunt black people was a joy." You can send an email to the city of New Orleans demanding that they open an investigation into these murders, by clicking here. Or go to http://www.cityofno.com/pg-1-1-home.aspx, scroll down and click "contact us."