Kanye West Can’t Really Explain Why He Loves Corporations So Much

The Breakfast Club took him to task.

By Jamilah King Nov 27, 2013

Kanye West recently did an interview with the Breakfast Club on New York City radio station Power 105.1. It’s a lenghty, 40-minute interview, but Gawker pulled out a clip in which Charlamagne the God takes him to task for his contradictory attitude about corporations (the rapper recently said that his new deal with Adidas allows him to be the "Tupac of Product"). The jabs include:

– "To me it seems like you’re such a walking contradiction because you’ll denounce the corporations, but then you’ll get on stage and say you need Nike and Adidas to back you. That makes no sense to me."

– "Why do you talk so much about money nowadays, man? I used to look at you as, like, a real revolutionary. You know real revolutionaries didn’t need money to change the world?"

– "You do realize that [sneakers] are not why we love you? We love you ’cause of the music, bruh."

– "If you’re a genius, why do you feel the need to tell everybody? Why you just don’t show and prove with actions and deeds, and not words and lip-service?"

– "I’m from Columbia, South Carolina, where the Confederate flag still flies over the state house. I seen people protesting to take that flag down for years. It’s just like the word nigga: you can’t make that into a postive." (Re: Kanye’s Yeezus tour merch.)