Justice for San Francisco Immigrant Youth

By Leticia Miranda Oct 19, 2009

San Francisco immigrant youth and advocates are planning to attend tomorrow’s City Council vote to adopt a policy that would restore due process for immigrant youth who are arrested for a felony. The last and final hearing is scheduled for October 27. Last Summer, Mayor Gavin Newsom passed a law that reports undocumented youth to ICE, without any court trial, if they’re arrested with a felony. The SF Immigrant Rights Defense Committee just got most of the City Council to support legislation that protects immigrant youth from being handed over to ICE, but still needs the support of three other members to keep the Mayor from overturning the proposed law. Check out the video below and find the SF Immigrant Rights Defense Committee on Facebook for more information on how you can help protect immigrant youth from being deported. Also, check out the ColorLines article on Newsom’s law.