‘Just Me and Allah’: Photographs of Queer Muslims in Toronto

By Jamilah King May 21, 2014

Photographer Samra Habib is launching a new series on queer Muslims for World Pride in June. Habib describes a relationship with Islam that’s been tumultuous. Mainstream Islam isn’t always welcoming of LGBTQ Muslims," Habib said on Tumblr. "Yet a lot of the Muslim traditions and rituals bring queer Muslims comfort and provide a sense of belonging."

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Why did you decide to participate in this photography project? 

I had made a conscious decision about a decade ago to live my life out loud. By that I mean, to not shy away from any of my identifications; be they sexual, political, cultural and/or religious. Naturally, I felt it necessary to do so because I had met so many youth who were quite conflicted and closeted and in fear of living their lives. This is a small token or gesture on my part to let them know that they should not underestimate their families or their communities.

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