Join Us at the National Conference for Media Reform

We're joining thousands of people in the fight for media reform in Boston this weekend. Come join us.

By Rinku Sen Apr 05, 2011

This weekend, just about the whole Colorlines crew will be at the [National Conference for Media Reform (NCMR)]( in Boston. We’re making a big showing at the conference because we know that media policy is critical to the success of communities of color and that communities of color are likewise critical to the success of the media reform movement.   We can celebrate the great or bemoan the awful in journalism, but it isn’t often enough that we attend to what is happening in media policy. In this arena, as in everything else, unleashing the full potential of our democracy requires changing the rules. As [Jamilah King’scoverage of recent Federal Communications Commission debates]( has shown us, the Federal government has been taking up really key questions. Will the Internet remain free? Who will regulate it? How will poor people in cities, small towns and prisons get access to the most basic communications tools? We’re talking telephones and TVs here. You can get a great sense of what’s at stake by watching [Malkia Cyril]( and [FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn](, who spoke passionately about these matters at Facing Race 2010. If you’re going to the conference, we’d love to see you. For a full list of our workshops and appearances, see [here]( I’m especially honored to speak at the [closing plenary]( with Craig Aaron, Kim Gandy, and Rick Karr, as well as on a panel about [race in American media]( on Saturday afternoon.  Come to one of our workshops or stop by the Colorlines resource table and say hello. In addition to the Colorlines stuff, we are looking forward to seeing our friends from the Center for Media Justice, Latinos for Internet Freedom, GritTV, FAIR and Breakthrough, among many, many others.