Join the Tax Day Shuffle: A Love Story

In seven cities across the country, people are turning the fight for a more equitable tax structure into a dance party.

By Asraa Mustufa Apr 18, 2011

While we’re not afraid to say how much we love taxes, we’re definitely not fans of our current system of inequitable tax policies. Black and brown folks often pay the most and get the least from a government that’s long promised to do better. But today, residents in seven major cities aren’t just calling for a new system, they’re dancing for it. The Right to the City Alliance organized a series of Flashmob dances in San Francisco, Miami, Arlington, New York City, Providence, Boston, and Los Angeles.

The group is advocating for a proportional tax scale and loophole-less wealth and corporate taxes, revenues of which could be used to re-invest in communities and to create living wage jobs with benefits.

"Corporations and banks caused the crisis. Now it’s time they pay their fair share, and time for the Government to stop protecting the corporations and start protecting the people," RTTC said in a press release.

The "Tax the Rich" shuffle will be performed in front of corporate targets, City Halls, and government offices. Check out the instructional video above, as well as last week’s reader forum on what you all are thankful to taxes for. 

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