Jenni Rivera’s Kids Say Keep Your Condolences, ‘She is Not Dead’

Jenni Rivera's immediate family has taken to social media to release statements saying they're still holding on to hope.

By Jorge Rivas Dec 11, 2012

Jenni Rivera’s immediate family has taken to social media to release statements saying they’re still holding on to hope. Rivera’s eldest daughter Chiquis and even 11-year-old Johnny Lopez have regularly updated their Instagram and Twitter feeds to tell fans they need physical confirmation to believe their mother is no longer with us.

"With all my affection and respect I ask you not to send me condolences. I appreciate your affection but I’m not ready to receive any of it until something is confirmed. Thanks – RRF," tweeted Rivera’s sister Rosie on Monday.

Rivera’s youngest son Johnny Lopez, 11, has had several exchanges on social media with individuals who have identified as psychics and say they’re in touch with Rivera.

"EVERYONE!!!! WE HAVE GOOD NEWS FROM A PHYSIC!!!! [SIC] She is alive," Lopez tweeted at 1am Monday. He went on to post images grabbed from the Maps application on iPhones and said he was doing his own investigation.

"Doing my own investigation on maps. Good thing they have 3D so I can se [SIC] what and what not is a mountain/clif," Lopez wrote on Instagram.

Rivera’s eldest daughter, Janney "Chiquis" Marin also uploaded a message of hope to Instagram. She uploaded an image that reads "Let your faith be bigger than your fears."

Rivera’s brother has also made similar statements in television and print media interviews.

"In our eyes, we still have faith that our sister will be OK," Rivera’s brother Juan told reporters outside the family’s Long Beach, Calif., home, Reuters reports.

"We thank God for the life that He has given … my sister," he continued. "For all the triumphs and successes she has had, and we expect that there will be more in the future."