Jenifer Lewis’ Singing Better Make You ‘Get Your A** Out and Vote’

By Sameer Rao Nov 08, 2016

If Jenifer Lewis‘ ("Black-ish") powerful voice won’t make you "get your ass out and vote," we don’t know what will. 


I like to keep it simple. But I mean this! #VOTE #so #important #inthesestreets #getyourassoutandVOTE @4everbrandy

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Channeling the "In These Streets" videos she made popular with fellow singer-slash-actresses Roz Ryan ("Hello, My Name is Doris") and Brandy Norwood ("The Perfect Match"), Lewis implored people to vote in a new video released Sunday (November 6). "This ain’t the election to sit home and lurk, get your ass out and vote!" she triumphantly sings. 

We agree. Get your ass out and vote today.

(H/t Essence