Jena Six lost on American media; Katrina aid deadline overwhelms

By The News Aug 01, 2007

Corporate Media Omits Vital Details In The Jena Six Case. Isn’t that something. If you get all your news from the New York Times, then you’ve never heard of the Jena Six. Unless of course, you live in France, where the Times owned International Herald Tribune saw fit to publish an article on the protest in Jena, Louisiana yesterday, in which hundreds of people gathered to protest the treatment of the Jena Six. –Too Sense Race-Based Medicine: A Recipe for Controversy. What do you think? The article "Race in a Bottle," by Jonathan Kahn, portrays the development of BiDil, the first "ethnic" drug. The controversy surrounding the medicine relates not only to scientific reasons for classifying the heart failure drug as a medicine for African-Americans but to possible commercial motivations for seeking this designation.–Scientific American Graduation policies protested. Students of color want credits. Too much to ask, huh? A group of students on Monday asked the Long Beach Unified School District to change graduation requirements to include the successful completion of all courses needed to enter a four-year state university directly from high school.–Press Telegram Black Immigrants: the new model minority? Must read. In a time when conservative college political groups hold rallies with the purpose of ridiculing immigrants, legal and otherwise, and students protest Affirmative Action policies by way of lawsuits, I found it odd that universities were somewhat adding fuel to the fire. Museum to offer personal tales of African Americans in the Northwest. A big dig for stories. The museum is still collecting artifacts. Of particular interest are letters from the late 19th century or the early 20th century, written by African Americans in Washington describing life here.–Seattlepi Native American women, domestic violence and Congress. What tnews isn’t saying. Native and indigenous women are victims of domestic violence at higher rates than the average American woman. Why is that? A history of displacement, colonization and violence I am sure have something to do with it, along with lack of resources, legislation or education to help women out of bad situations. You know, just a few minor bumps in the road.–Feministing BBC poll: More than a third of UK residents of South Asian origin do not feel British–Modern Tribalist Last dash for Hurricane Katrina aid. There should be rolling admission. Hundreds of Louisianians whose homes were ruined by Hurricane Katrina rushed to meet a Tuesday deadline set by the state’s troubled housing aid program, even as a deficit of billions of dollars threatened to leave thousands without a grant.–Times Wires